Thursday, June 25, 2009

Linked In tips

I set up a Linked In account about a year ago as a way to connect with companies. In the last two months I have ramped up my efforts to make connections with people around the world. My goal is to find new clients to work with, set up a sales team for those clients, and then manage and grow their businesses. I have done this on a consulting basis for about 1o years now with great success.

Here are some tips for using Linked In to expand you network:
  1. Fill in all the info that Linked In asks for. It makes your profile look professional and complete. Post a photo of you in a professional setting.
  2. Ask people that you work with for Recommendations.
  3. Join 50 groups the maximum that Linked In allows. I select two classes of groups; one for me to look for new target clients, and the second to reach out to new sales agents for my existing clients. Select the groups that help you achieve your goals.
  4. Start Discussions. Ask the group questions in a way that will help you achieve your goals.
  5. Reply to Discussions. Each time you post your info is listed on Linked In and it will be found by the search engines.
  6. Once you are a member of a group, you can invite other members to join you Linked In network. Some groups post open forums for people that are looking to expand their network.
  7. On the Profile page there is a section under your name where you can put any message that you want. This is the message people see when they view your profile. Think of this as you short marketing message.
  8. One of the most useful features is the blank box on your home page. Seth is..... This is a free bill board that delivers your marketing message to the connections in your network for free!
  9. Put a link to your web site in the status message or in the box under you name to drive traffic to your site.
Next up: Using Twitter to expand my network and generate Buzz.

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  1. Seth, congratulations on your new blog. For this post I would add "start and build your own LinkedIn group", I have learned this to be the ultimate power tool in LinkedIn.