Thursday, July 30, 2009

Buzz! How to generate Buzz using Twitter

I have been using Twitter for about a month now, with the goal of generating interest in my Outsourced Sales Management Consulting practice. Think of Twitter and all of these types of social media sites as advertising tools, to send out your brand to as many people as possible.

Now to some ideas!

I have found (with a help from my friends) two other web sites that link to Twitter: is a site that broadcasts your message out to multiple social networking sites like Twitter. There are currently over 45 sites that connects with. Think of each one of those sites, as a mini advertisement with its own target markets. When you setup a account you can select as many of those sites as you want. At the main screen on there is a box where you enter your message and it is then posted to all the social sites that you have selected. One entry is then sent out to many social networking sites. is a web based tool that ranks your Twitter postings. It has a very interesting graph showing how you compare to other people in the world of Twitter. I am listed as a Connector in the over all ranking of Twitter accounts. You can also compare your Tweets to other peoples Tweets.

There is a series of tabs on the right. The next tab is Stats, which gives you an overview of your Twitter activity. The Stats lists: Engagement, Reach, Velocity, Demand, Network Strength, and Activity. The Content tab lists specific activities like questions and answers, and retweets. Use this as a guide to your Twitter activities keeping the goal of building up your followers to build your brand identity. Finally there is the last tab for Network which shows a world wide map with an overlay of your influence. My map shows that I influence people in the United States.

This web site is a new tool for me so I will have to update you on the trends that I observe. I look at as a way to measure the effectiveness of my marketing message, also know as Buzz. The more these indicators grow the more Buzz my effort is generating. My goal of all these tools is to increase paying clients for my Outsourced Sales Management Consulting practice. The more Buzz and traffic on my site I can generate, the higher probability of closure of new accounts. I am also targeting new clients that are based outside the US. Based on the map on I need to focus on connecting to people outside of the US.

I hope that this helps you and gives you some tools to increase your Buzz. Please post your comments below. If you are looking to increase your company’s sales, please click through to my web site for my contact information.


  1. Hi Seth,

    Thank you for mentioning Klout in your post. Over time you will be able see the response to your marketing efforts through the rise in your Klout score.

    I have made you a Klout "super" user to help with this effort. This will allow you to see everyone elses profile and to use our Influence Tracker to see specifically which contacts you are gaining or losing influence with. Enjoy and good luck!

  2. Thank you for your comment Joe and also granting my Super Powers.